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Scott Writter – Adam for Mayor

I’m voting for Adam Frisch for mayor and Skippy Mesirow for council. 
In a field of excellent candidates I am going with Adam because I see a vote for him as a twofer. 1- get Adam and 2 -keep Anne Mullins for 2 more years (who has been a great councilperson).

Among the council candidates one of my votes is going to Skippy. I think Skippy gets affordable housing better than anyone of the candidates and his vision for housing appears to most align with mine: that being AH isn’t JUST about putting a roof over one’s head but about creativity opportunity and a possible path to the “American dream” – a concept that we should embrace for AH owners.  Why should this dream be strictly limited to free market owners?  The original AH goal was to create a “rung in the real estate ladder” helping locals to climb to the free market (if they choose). That goal should not be lost and in fact should be actively pursued – yes it can be done and with LESS public subsidy. 

AH is about community, and Aspen should not only battle to retain, but build upon, an already vibrant community. We can do better and I think with less subsidy by introducing free market principles to a controlled, but active AH market. HELPING AH owners move up or down creates vacancies and opportunities for everyone. AH should be spread throughout the valley in integrated ways with as many variations on the “products” and local partners as possible.

Please vote for Skippy and Adam by March 5 (inbetween powder shots)! What a winter- I love this place – Locals First!

Scott Writer