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Frisch does his homework – April 15

We are writing to strongly endorse re-electing Adam Frisch to city council in the upcoming May 5 election.

Adam was one of the first people we met when we moved to Aspen a little over 10 years ago, and we often credit he and his wife, Katy, as being one of the reasons we chose to make this town our home. They were incredibly welcoming, introducing us to their friends, showing us the many facets of Aspen, and engaging us in local organizations.

From the beginning, we have been impressed with Adam’s commitment to our community. In addition to him being a great councilman, he is the former chair of Pitkin County’s Financial Advisory Board, has served on various nonprofit boards, and is currently involved with the Housing Frontiers Group (which works on solutions for our affordable housing program). His passion and commitment for these activities is evidenced by him taking on leadership roles in almost each of these areas.

Adam has done a great job on city council these past four years. Always approachable, he has listened to our views on various issues, and when he didn’t have the answer to a question, he would connect us with someone who did. When discussing anything complex or controversial, he honors differing viewpoints, and does his homework and own research so he can understand all aspects of an issue. It is imperative to have this open-minded approach in our local government; on council, Adam has proven that he doesn’t jump to conclusions, debates his colleagues and members of our community with a positive and respectful tone, and is thorough and thoughtful when casting his vote.

Finally, as we ourselves have two kids in the elementary school, we feel it is incredibly important to have the views of young families represented in our city government. Adam can speak for this demographic and what issues impact us, and help ensure we maintain and support programs that will continue to attract and keep dynamic young families in our valley. This is key to Aspen’s continued vitality and future.

We hope you will join us in voting to re-elect Adam for city council. Let’s keep Aspen — and our decision-making body — balanced.

Ali and David Phillips